Way of working

Eutopia.Guide lists for free, by their domains and locations, legal entities that fall under the domains of the portal. We strive to continually list new entities and information so that visitors can have as complete a picture of each domain as possible.
Entities who want to complete their profile or those who are not in the Eutopia.Guide lists, are asked to send us their membership by email.

Registration in Eutopia.Guide

  • The application for registration in the program is made by the interested entity or the program partner, on its behalf.
  • To register in the Marketplace, the company must offer products and/or services that meet standards in terms of quality, method of obtaining, etc.
  • Each admitted manufacturer can facilitate the registration of distributors of its products in the program. In this way, buyers will have access to multiple offers for the same product, being able to choose according to their needs - location, delivery method, minimum quantity, etc.

Data management

  • Regardless of the field, legal entities can edit their information themselves, using specific administration modules, within the portal or
  • Companies can call on external operators, proposed by the program partners.
  • Administrators and partners of Eutopia.Guide train legal entities or their external operators on how to operate online and ensure that the data entered respects reality, compliance with the products/services offered.
  • Validation of entered data: any change in an entity's file is notified to it, so that the entity can preview the data and confirm that it is correct and represents it, and after that confirmation, the data will be displayed in the portal.

Eutopia.Guide partners

The development of the program is done by geographical areas and product/service categories, with the support of some partners.
They can become partners-administrators: business faculties, faculties with an agricultural and food profile and related industries, faculties of tourism, medicine and pharmacy, theology, producer associations, chambers of commerce, local administrations, organizations.
Legal entities that wish to support the development of Eutopia.Guide for their community through donations can become supporting partners.

Eutopia.Guide is waiting for you!